While Asleep

One night, when everyone was asleep, an enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat and went away. Mathew 13:25 Good News Translation (GNT) While asleep, have our voices become silent to the cries of the Disenfranchised. Are we too mesmerized by the voices of hyperbole? Do we understand the real realities of Americans who … Continue reading

The Modulus of Elasticity

The California Highway Patrol says that it is investigating footage posted on YouTube that shows a policeman repeatedly punching the face and head of a prostrate woman. Video shows him straddling the woman and hitting her at least 11 times. Police say that the woman needed to be restrained and was endangering herself and motorists … Continue reading

Strike a Nerve,

In this year of what some view as one of our most important elections, the level of polarization has risen to volatile levels. Caught in the middle of this, are the fragile interactions between ethnic groups.  As with any chemical compound under stress and decomposition of change, this great American experiment begins to expose dangerous elements. … Continue reading