The Accord1 House to House Network
Bridge Builders are participants of (Bridging social ties that cut across differences such as race, class or ethnicity) in society, groups and organizations etc. Through the nature of their intentionality, they open the dialog for the far too often shunted discussion of multi ethnic/racial reconciliation, forward motion and goal achievement. In this intimate environment of trust and reciprocity, the freedom for individuals to connect across the ethnic/racial divide through each personal story can be both shared and heard.
The Christian method of Koinoia Acts 2:46-47 (sharing and having all things in common), promotes Social Capital. Broadly defined, “Social Capital ” is a term identifying the value of a community’s relationships; in contrast to Human Capital, which is locked up in the skills of an individual.

Small groups provide the optimum place where these elements of Social Capital can flourish through the increasing webs of relationships that have potential to develop. Social Capital is built upon trust i.e. trustworthiness and reciprocity: which is expressed as doing for others and not expecting any immediate return.
Speaking multi ethnically, the multi ethnic church service can never reach the face to face trust and reciprocity levels that are achieved in a small group of bridge builders. This is not to say that the multi ethnic service doesn’t have its place; however the level of honesty, sharing and depth of relationships required for cultural Synergy are not reached.

Be part of the solution instead of the problem **Talk**; one to one, face to face, small group, through the Accord1 House to House Network, accord1.org  or on facebook and most certainly through this blog.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my site and taking interest in my weekly One Tribe forum. I’m right in step with y’all and the healing, reconciliation and justice for which y’all pray and work. I hope that you’ll stay in touch, comment on One Tribe and perhaps consider contributing. The conversation must not only continue, but increase in its honesty and grace. Peace to you!

  2. Hodgepodge 4 the Soul says:

    Thank you for the visit and the “like.” What a beautiful mission our Lord has you on, through this site! 🙂

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