Soliloquy of Racism in America

The purpose of a soliloquy is to reveal the thoughts, secrets and intentions of a character to the reader or to the audience. In this way, the audience has some information that is not known by other characters in the play, which creates tension and excitement in the development of the story.

The Eagle is a symbol that identifies America. America exists as a grand experiment forged out of abstract thought in a quest for a more perfect union.  

The Soliloquy, the 21st century America, begins as a narrative cultivated by many in the prior centuries’ imaginations. Darkness, segregation, and oppression hide in those imaginations under the guise of God, country, and law and order.

 Language- (the primary way people interact with one another) is a system of symbols that can be strung together in an infinite number of ways to express abstract thought. Language allows the human experience to be cumulative (meaning one generation can pass significant experiences to the next generation). It will enable Culture to develop by freeing people to move beyond their immediate experiences.

The question would be, what are America’s symbols communicated with the rest of the world beyond words? 

What are we saying, allowing a long and exhausting history of law enforcement killing people of color in inordinate proportions compared to the rest of society, without penalty? Are we condoning the discovery of bounties waged for American soldiers’ lives by enemies?  Would the communication express approval of other nations interfering with American Elections? Is the display of Confederate statues of treasonist traitors whose quest was to destroy this country from within sending the right message to American adversaries?

The dynamics of America’s symbols are its Soliloquy to the audience of the world. The world is watching, and history is taking note. Those who attempt to tie the confederate statues to some cultural heritage background are either complicit or unwittingly ignorant of the intention to intimidate, terrorize, and subdue a burgeoning reconstruction period following the Antebellum south. In the Jim Crow years that followed, “The South Shall Rise Again” solidified into a contrived rewriting of history.

“The spoils of war are for the victors” was once said. The emergence of Whiteness became the real victor after it put down reconstruction. This Whiteness has shined brighter than any other symbol in America. Whiteness, white supremacy, privilege, heritage, evangelical (of which is never attributed to gospel believing churches of color), Anglo Saxon, western civilization, and all the vernacular used to communicate whiteness, spoke to the bubble of privilege. Privilege has pierced every American institution.

The Melting Pot of America became the assimilation of the English, Irish, German, Italian, Nordic, and all other European ancestries into one People. This eugenically encouraged Idea of Whiteness became the default identification throughout 20th century America. Everyone else outside it this group was considered the others.

Hope on the horizon comes in the form of removing many of the symbols of oppression. Corporate community pressure forced the Washington Red Skins to retire the racist name and logo. Columbus, Ohio, removed Christopher Columbus’s Statue. Now, will Ohio’s largest city and the largest city named after the brutal explorer change its name? With the Mississippi removal of the confederate flag from its state flag and NASCAR’s banning of that symbol, will others follow? 

The only way out of this is for a new, reimagined, and final Reconstruction after a careful and accurate deconstruction of the status quo of Systemic Racism. This can be achieved by “Building the Bridge Together”

Kevin Robinson Executive Director of Accord1

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