The Modulus of Elasticity


The California Highway Patrol says that it is investigating footage posted on YouTube that shows a policeman repeatedly punching the face and head of a prostrate woman.

Video shows him straddling the woman and hitting her at least 11 times. Police say that the woman needed to be restrained and was endangering herself and motorists by walking on a busy road in the west of Los Angeles. The incident was recorded by passing motorist David Diaz. “[The policeman] just pounded her,” he told CBS Los Angeles.

Whether we are speaking of 70 shootings over the Fourth of July weekend in Chicago, or the brutal beating of a Black woman by a White Highway Patrolman in California; a litany of stressors develop into justifying ideologies lived out in these unbelievable acts of violence and abuse which are inexcusable. However, to pass them off as random violence and racism without closer examination would be missing a very important point to ponder. image

The eighties rap group Grandmaster Flash said it this way: Don’t push me, cause I’m close to the edge, I’m trying not to lose my head – Grandmaster Flash

The Modulus of Elasticity is defined as: The ratio of the stress applied to a body to the strain that results in the body in response to it. The modulus of elasticity of a material is a measure of its stiffness and for most materials remains constant over a range of stress.

Many of the stresses of society are taking people to their limits. Stress is the most prevalent factor in many of the chronic diseases that plague us today. Heart disease, Stroke and many Cancers are the result of the stress applied to the average life today. A popular BG’s song was entitled “How can you mend a broken heart.”

These different stressors are represented in many forms and represent many a group’s varied ways of attempting to deal with this stress. Hearts are literally failing as a result of the resistance that people feel the need to combat the changes in life and society. Tensions are manifest in the random acts of violence abuse and reactionary discourse of a society on the razors edge.

image The Stress Factor (compressive strength) can hardly stand up to the Strain factor (tensile strength). These are construction terms that are used by engineers when factoring the proper materials and the proper use of those materials for building a safe and a stable stucture.

Everyone has a point in which we begin to act out of our normal selves. whether it be a fit of road rage exhibited in the symbol of a single digit of the hand displayed, the silent treatment of a love one, an argument with a spouse, or a mismanagement of a team of employees.

The Modulus of Elasticity is breached by the inhibitions of a mind, momentarily shut off by a snapping of the nerves. In this atmosphere,  acts of racial prejudice, and dehumanizing violence is not only possible but probable. The word of God reminds us to  

When angry, do not sin; do not ever let your wrath (your exasperation, your fury or indignation) last until the sun goes down”. Ephesians 4:26Amplified Bible (AMP)

The guiltless Christ took the brunt of the Modulus of Elasticity,  by the Compressive Strength to carry the cross he did not deserve, and the Tensile Strength to stretch out upon it  for all and we must put our trust in him.

Kevin Robinson Executive Director of Accord1

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