A Nation Divided?

  In a nation divided among imaginary lines of Ideology, class, gender, ethnicity, skin color, etc., the temptation exists to run away with any one of the many sound bites. These sound bites outline a season of politics that stands as nothing more than a dog and pony show to see who can win the … Continue reading

Just an Illusion Part 1: Heaven is Reality

  In a 1995 song by Anointed; the words delicately yet deliberately say “Life is a Dream and Heaven is Reality, i’m caught in between. Though this world has everything it’s nothing more than a dream.”   Are we living the dream or is what where living just an illusion? We must ask this question to give … Continue reading

Who is an American Part III: People of the Corn

Bridging the silos of a diverse cultural landscape: Milwaukee, Wisconsin: another city in the heart of the Midwest in the middle of the corn belt and the Amber Waves of Grain. This highly ordinary city of the American heartland may define the undercurrent infecting the consensus of our nation.  To the South of Milwaukee between the … Continue reading

We were like those who dreamed

The American dream is much more than a dream of a dedicated landmass. It is an experiment, granted by our creator, based on an ideal that is deeply rooted in the unalienable birthrights of all men and women. In our nation of laws, however, a moral paradox exists concerning our dealings with the immigration dilemma. … Continue reading

Living the Dream

There was a discovery channel documentary on the other day, showing the mission of the assault on Osama Ben Laden’s Compound. This involved months of preparation and was a very detailed as well as being a highly technological assignment that the navy seals carried out. This viewing brought about a great sense of awe. The awe … Continue reading