While Asleep


One night, when everyone was asleep, an enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat and went away. Mathew 13:25 Good News Translation (GNT)

While asleep, have our voices become silent to the cries of the Disenfranchised. Are we too mesmerized by the voices of hyperbole? Do we understand the real realities of Americans who quietly, seemingly, and silently go about their business to keep the gears of our society going in productive motion? These are the ones politicians fight over for votes and marketers enchant for their dollars. And yet, they are in large part left out of any of the real prosperity of this current  economic recovery. image The Middle Class, exist only as a concept and not a reality. Because they are becoming extinct, by slowly melting into the poor. The upward mobility toward wealth is a rarity in this type of economic and sociological environment. Whether by design or mere happenstance, in this group historically much of nations tangible ethnic friction exist, as different ethnic groups have struggled for the same jobs, housing, healthcare, and education for their children, to name a few. However, there are signs of a positive turnaround in this area. We must be careful not to fall back to the patterns of our racially divided past. TheRats in the Cage” Middle Class are portrayed in culturally stereotypical and potentially divisive sitcomes, such as Blackish and Fresh Off of the Boat. While America laughs; is it possible that we are we doing more harm than good by potentially reinforcing the ethnic cultural divide? While we do live in a society that honors free speech; it is important to note that there is a market for stereotyping playful media fodder. image The greater society needs to be vigilant for the more sinister Perception Management that is playing in the background. There are still segments of society that will still want to use  playful stereotypes to spread division An alternative approach of a multicultural America is “Building the Bridge Together” Through Education and training in real conversations. After a year of racial incidence and their corresponding protest that has taken us a step back instead of forward; we must look at the economies of division and the manipulation of media. The Middle Class and America must wake up to the reality that we are laughing and fighting our way to making a limited few, very rich. It is time to Wake Up.

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