Why is the sky blue? Why does snow melt? Why do people die? Why is that man sleeping on the street? Why can’t I have ice cream? Why do I have to go to bed? -Lois Holzman, Ph.D. Our Children ask us these endless questions that we more times than not, have no absolute answers to. In … Continue reading

Leading The Conversation – Accord1

Remember the horror from which we come. Never forget the greatness of a nation that has overcome its division. Let us never descend into destructive divisiveness – Nelson Mandela On June 9th 2014 in Las Vegas, two persons fatally shot two unsuspecting Police officers along with a third innocent victim before turning the Guns on … Continue reading

Are you a neighbor?

Accord1 Thanks this weeks guest blogger, Starlette McNeill for her insightful, defining look into the subject of reciprocity and our responsibility to our  neighbor i.e. Human Kind. This week Accord1 examines bridging  the silos of a diverse cultural landscape. ORIGINALLY POSTED ON THE DAILY RACE BLOG   BY STARLETTE MCNEILL ⋅ JULY 18, 2012  “Solidarity challenges any tendency to establish a relational identity by identifying exclusively with … Continue reading