The Battle Continues

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Thank you for the strength and resolve of the Floyd Family, every peaceful protester, justice seeker, the heterogeneous army of allies, human rights advocates, prayer warriors, and every jury member in the Derek Chauvin Murder of George Floyd trial. Justice has prevailed; The Battle now continues.

Without a year of pandemic racial reckoning, revelation, and reimagining, there would be no Three-Fifths Magazine. Justice has prevailed; The Battle continues.

“For a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many adversaries. 1 Corinthians 16:9 New Revised Standard Version.” 

The Battle continues in real time. Expositions of state-sponsored (police) executions are unmistakable in the form of bullets landing in the backs of African Americans. On numerous occasions within 48 hrs. of the victorious landmark guilty verdict, the adversarial backlash arises. In the face of that expected backlash, perseverance must not yield. 

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Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump spoke of the many black men shot in the back. In woeful sarcasm, he described their flight as the greatest threat in the eyes of white police officers. Andrew Brown of Elizabeth city North Carolina was confirmed to be a victim of a fatal gunshot to the back of his head. Anthony Alvarez was killed, Ma’Khia Bryant’s shooting death is under review, all the while Daunte Wright’s family continues to grieve. It was almost like a contrived or exacted vengeful plot. Whether intentional or subliminal, the backlash continues in earnest. 

From the hooded KKK terrorists to the microscopic COVID 19 virus, the active attempts to scare African Americans and other peoples of color continue. In past times the Hoods meant to resemble ghosts would frighten blacks. Numerous repetitions of news cycles show anchors continually asking the question of “What is causing African Americans to die from the pandemic in larger numbers than the general population?” 

The Weathering effect generated by the microaggressions of messaging exasperates the whole dynamic. The reality is, there’s no question to be asked. It is plain to see that systemic power dynamics of bias, racism, policies, redlining, education, criminal justice, economic, and access to affordable healthcare disparities spell out the causes. 

Akin to the Bloody Sunday beatings suffered by John Louis and others, George Floyd’s videoed Lynching shocked the nation and the world. The result of the former was the 1965 Voting Rights Act. The George Floyd result was vindication for the Floyd family and a collective sigh of relief for justice in America. Will there be legislation as in 1965?

African Americans and other people of color must not blink. Fear is not an option, but will only weaponize the factions of force and intimidation. These factions will not prevail in rogue state legislatures, voter suppression, in a police, or a militia uniform. The insurrection of a republic exemplifies through the actions of the basest of a society and its bad actors via state-sponsored (police,) lone wolf, or white supremacist terrorist hate groups. 

“I Shall not be moved” is the name of an old negro spiritual that’s timing and pitch are in perfect harmony for today. As in the struggles of the slaves, the abused, extorted, and oppressed, this song speaks. Its discourses not only express the faith of a people; it speaks to the steadfastness of their conviction to the cause of liberation and equity in the face of an unjust society.

Kevin Robinson Executive Director of Accord1

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