In the 1980s, the Central Park Five, were a group of black teenagers falsely convicted in the rape of a white woman jogging in Central Park. In the 1990s, young black males were called “Super Predators.” In 2020 U.S. life expectancy fell. For Black Men, life expectancy fell the most, by nearly three years. Black males have the lowest life expectancy of all Americans (68.3) years. Gun violence, police, health care discrepancies and COVID 19 all present a national tipping point for Black Men. Black men’s existence in American society is “endangered.”

I heard a man say that the difference between an endangered species and Black Men is that endangered species are protected by the Federal Government.” We Walk By Faith And Not By Fright: A Dedication to Ahmaud Arbery, The Florida Star. May 16, 2020 By Rev., Dr. Nahshon Nicks

Black men face the penalty of their blackness every day. Something far more sinister may be in play here, more than mere happenstance. History views Black Men as a threat to the most precious of American society. Perennially, the most coddled, cared for, and protected of all people in this nation are none other than the White Woman who appreciate the most extended years of life expectancy (80.7).  

The 1915 silent film called “Birth of a Nation” depicted Black Men as out of control, sexual predators of white women. In this film, the black male characters were white actors in Blackface. The Ku Klux Klan became the story’s heroes by saving white women from the so-called black “brutes.”

Other examples in history speak to these atmospherics, which has, in many ways, never disappeared. 

“The black brute who lays his hands upon a white woman ought not have any trial and all the white manhood of South Carolina want to know is that they have the right man and they will have no trial. If we cannot protect our white women from black fiends, where is our boasted civilization? — Cole Blease, Governor of South Carolina, 1912”

In May of 2020, Amy Cooper: a white woman, called the police on a black male bird watcher Christian Cooper (no relation), after he had reminded Amy of her violation of the park rules requirement that dogs must be on a leash. Christian Cooper recorded it on video. The popular video posted and shared many times on social media.

  “I’m taking a picture and calling the cops,” Amy Cooper is heard saying in the video. “I’m going to tell them an African American man is threatening my life.By Amir Vera and Laura Ly, CNN Updated 4:21 PM ET, Tue May 26, 2020

“What Amy Cooper proved is what many black people already know: that it is not just people in police uniforms [who have power over us]. There are ordinary citizens who take the privilege of impunity and will weaponize it instantly against you. Part of white privilege is this ability to have your words believed before black people are believed,” says Lanham. Being black while in nature: ‘You’re an endangered species’ The Guardian.

 Furthermore, Miya Ponsetto (SoHo Karen) attacks a 14 yr old in front of his father, falsely accusing him of stealing her cell phone. “Help me; the angry black man is going to get me”, is the societal default of generations in this country. Mass incarceration, Covid 19 deaths, and deaths, in general concur. To ever experience change, society must deal with it by having a genuine conversation, followed by comprehensive, multi-ethnic, solutions. In the same way that minority COVID 19 mortalities were identified as a problem that need be addressed, the Black Man’s “Endangered” conundrum must be dealt with with equal vigor. If endangered animals can receive federal protection, why can’t Black Men get a break? 

Kevin Robinson Executive Director of Accord1

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