Deja Vu/Been here before

Enter 2020 Michigan; News reports alert America of the FBI thwarting an attack on the Michigan State Government. The planned attack included the kidnapping of sitting Governor Gretchen Whitmer, followed by a tribunal of her for treason. After the illegal kangaroo court, she most likely would have faced execution. 

“This effort to have a mass uprising nationally is something that we should be very concerned about because, again, it’s not just a Michigan problem, this is an American problem, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said—written by Madison J. Gray BET.

Yes, “absolutely seen this before.” In 1995 Timothy Mcvey, a dedicated believer in the White supremacists’ fictional novel The Turner Diaries, blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, OklahomaThese Diaries epilogue an evil fantasy of a race war to overthrow the government and exterminate all nonwhites, jews, and their so-called sympathizers. 

“Been here before” manifest from the post-reconstruction killing fields of the south, the fanciful militias of Michigan, and many cities up north to this sadistic plot on Governor Whitmer. The latest version of this Deja Vu of darkness is another part of a national thru line of hatred reemerging in a frequency of response to perceived black advancements. 

“Been here before” is realized in the forms of the Tulsa greenwood massacre, the Illinois and East St. Louis massacres, etc. The racial reckoning of this past summer’s post-George Floyd lynching has led to Dog Whistles, which have taken many from the thought realm to becoming actual participants in the dark movement.

“Extremist groups, angered mostly by protests over police killings of Black people as well as restrictions over coronavirus, have themselves strengthened in their resolve and are using those phenomena as recruitment points.” 

Since reconstruction, many backlash campaigns have imposed a politics of white fragility and frustration onto racial-equality struggles. Reporting on the “hate vote” in The Saturday Evening Post, in October 1964, one month before the presidential election, Ben H. Bagdikian highlighted the “churning, emotional conflict within each voter,” by which he meant white people. He noted that the backlashers “are not against a better life for the Negro, but they are strongly against this being achieved at the cost of white tranquility.”

All rational peace-loving Americans must build the bridge together over these dog-whistle enhanced minefields of division. The right to vote is the constitutional way to establish a reset on local government direction, police reform, better neighborhoods, and a better America in general. If Americans collectively reject the white backlash and embrace a reimagined America, horizons can brighten with hope.

Is this time that engulfs this nation’s society a moment, a movement, or just another appearance of Deja Vu? As it looks back, history will inevitably be the judge. What is for certain is that this catharsis moment gives pause. America will change forever in some fashion after this razor’s edge point in time.

When your vision is crystal clear, they say it’s razor-sharp. A focused mind is said to be like a knife, but the scalpel is wisdom. All one can do is accept that life is a double-edged sword. Stay on the edge.” Morgan Freeman, Savage Mode II

Accord1 Translation: Vote!

Kevin Robinson Executive Director of Accord1

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