At Twilight’s last Gleaming? (A Nation at the inflection point)

No refuge could save the hireling & slave/

From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave:/

And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave/

O’er the land of the free & the home of the brave.

Francis Scott Key

The forgotten lines of the national anthem present a clearer image of the foundations of America. It is plain to see through the lens of history and time extrapolating to the present, that the foundations were built upon a dream at best and a delusion of a nightmarish Hallucination at its worst.
We are left suspended in a paradox of two American realities that have been once again in horrific display with the Heinous murder of George Floyd by the hands of Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin.

This verse is not sung these days, but there it is. Kaepernick, the biracial former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who set off protests over racial injustice on football fields across America, has not singled out Key, nor has slavery entered the fray.

Yet, Kaepernick’s protest puts Key’s privilege into a clearer, harsher light, showing the white supremacy of the national anthem, its author and the legacy that America must not forget.”

Lawyer-poet Key, born to massive slaveholding wealth in Maryland, was one of the richest men in America. He liked it that way.

As he grew older and darker, Key sought to buttress slavery, known as our own “peculiar institution.” He did just that, past his last breath. The U.S. Supreme Court, which he helped shape, stood strongly for slavery. So beside the anthem, his political legacy as a critical political player in upholding slavery is devastating.

Proverbs 31:8-9 New Life Version (NLV)Open your mouth for those who cannot speak, and for the rights of those who are left without help. Open your mouth. Be right and fair in what you decide. Stand up for the rights of those who are suffering and in need.

In his 50s, Key became an adviser to President Andrew Jackson, who was also a wealthy self-made Southern slaveholder.

At the same time, Key was named by Jackson as the U.S. district attorney for the nation’s capital, where he prosecuted race and slavery laws to the fullest extent, even to the death penalty. He also aggressively prosecuted early abolitionists, who had founded the anti-slavery movement in 1833.

The Undefeated Publication story entitled “The Star-Spangled Banner’s’ racist lyrics reflect its slave owner author, Francis Scott Key

BY JAMIE STIEHM September 6th

Jamie Stiehm is a Washington columnist for Creators Syndicate, covering national politics and history. She is also a public speaker. Previously, she reported for The Baltimore Sun and The Hill newspapers.

Kaepernick’s taking of a knee during the national anthem raised a national outrage from the White House to the kitchen table. The omitted verse of the Star-Spangled Banner looms large in affirmation of Kaepernick’s whole premise. Roger Goodell recently speaking on behalf of the NFL acknowledge that the NFL was wrong in banning these displays of peaceful protest such as taking a knee. He also went on to say that the NFL believes that Black Lives Matter.

The term Black lives matter had been considered as reprehensible not many years ago is now being echoed worldwide. Companies from McDonalds to Proctor and Gamble have promoted this phrase in major advertising commercials. While this all lends hope to discovering a lost horizon of unity; this time it cannot simply raise emotions for a point in time only to end in yet another display of “white backlash”. This has been our history in this country. The present reality of two American realities exist simultaneously one to another. George Floyd Amahd Arbry, Freddy Grey, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Travon Martin to Emmett Till and all the rest in between and beyond. This all happened while American wealth was multiplied many times over.

 “In 1865, just after Emancipation, it is not surprising that African Americans owned only 0.5 percent of the total worth of the United States. But by 1990, a full 135 years after the abolition of slavery, Black Americans still possessed only a meager 1 percent of national wealth. As legal scholar john powell (sic) says in the documentary series Race – The Power of an Illusion, “The slick thing about whiteness is that whites are getting the spoils of a racist system even if they are not personally racist.”

Larry Adelman is executive producer of RACE – The Power of an Illusion and co-director of California Newsreel.

As a nation, America must acknowledge its original sin of subjugating dehumanizing, raping, lynching splitting and destroying the families a whole so-called race of people. While stealing the very land from the so-called savages (indigenes) people of North America.

One may ask, how is this done? First, we must get the proverbial knee off of African American’s necks and allow NFL players to take a knee until change comes. And while where on the subject “how about making sure Colin Kaepernick gets a Job in the NFL and an apology.

Most importantly at the point of inflection that we find ourselves in. The land of the free and home of the brave must include those who came from the underside of the boat and this wrong made right or silence the racist anthem along with the other confederate statues, flags and symbols of the past. By legislation fix policing and the criminal justice i.e “The New Jim Crow” (Penal System).

For all on all sides of the cultural divide caught in the insanity of one step forward and two steps back in the history of race in America several cities and counties have declared racism a Healthcare crisis in the time of Covid 19 and the underlying stresses of living while Black in America. Understand, this time we’re not going back because “Black Lives Matter!”  

Kevin Robinson Executive Director of Accord1

“Building the Bridge Together”

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