A Multicultural Bible

The Raceless Gospel

Slide1We have all kinds of Bibles that vary in language, size, appearance, focus, audience and even translation.  There is seemingly a Bible for every kind of person.  For some, the King James Version has been dethroned, replaced with Eugene Peterson’s The Message or some other version with less thees and thous.  Still, the Bible is chosen because it speaks to you or me.  Our goal is singular in scope.

But, what if there were a Bible that focused our attention on our togetherness, our oneness, our sameness?  That was devoted to our aimless prejudices and wandering stereotypes?  That redirected us back to love?

What if there was a Bible that highlighted the importance of our commonality as believers and that challenged the notions of separation and segregation in our relationships?   What if we reflected more deeply on the words and ways of Jesus for the purposes of reconciling our…

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