Does Anything ever really touch? Can we really ever feel one anothers pain and can we truly let go enough to invest in each others struggles.

In actuality, as proven by quantum physics on the subatomic level; two objects can never meet or touch. This is due to  electrons in opposing atoms resisting one another. Their negative repulsion are similar to how two negative ends of a magnet  will repel one another.

When we touch objects such as the keys a of Keyboard or each other; our brains are giving us the grand illusion. It sends signals of sensation based on the texture, consistency or resistance of the object. In essence, what we physically touch is all in the mind. When we interact with each other at the different stations of our lives, we try to make sense of it all based upon whats going on in our minds.

The effect that we have to influence persons that we come in contact with can supersede our subatomic reality of limitations. Therefore, we can bring about tangible results which even exceeds the physical touch. The need to manifest the experience of this kind of touch is vital in a world that is seemingly moving away from empathy and interaction, and more toward apathy and indifference.Apathy-I-dont-care

To allow relational expressions of community; warmth, compassion, empathy and embrace, a real touch is needed. these remove the rigidity of self and embraces those which brush by, who press into our lives as well as those who are at a distance. To answer the original question; we can say yes. And in the “yes” there exist a caveat, daring to break with status-quo.

Millennials as a generation are defined in various ways, many of which are negative. They span from phrases such as: the me generation, entitled, indifferent, and less empathetic as noted in a Psychology Today article by Ray Williams entitled “Is The “Me Generation” Less Empathetic?  The same article goes on to say:

featured-0612-millenials” The researchers also theorize that social networking, which are physically distant allow young people to “lionize their own lives” and functionally create a buffer between individuals, which makes it easier to ignore others’ pain, or even at times, inflict pain upon others.

“to their deeply worried parents throughout the country, they seem more like dangerously deluded dropouts, candidates for a very sound spanking and a cram course in civics.” 

“people, not “having any sense of shame, honor or duty.”

The latter  two quotes are not speaking of the Millennials of today, but are actually from the past. The first is a 1967, Time Magazine article depiction of the hippies (Baby Boomers). The second is from a Dallas Morning News article that describes youth in the 1920s; both noted in the Williams article.

Things may not be as rubber stamped as one may think with Millennials as in past generations. Listening is the first is step to understanding. That understanding dispels stereotypes and generalizations that cause more division than the relationship that is available in real touches. It is time to invest in all of our futures and learn how to create the synergy of inter-generational touches Building the Bridge Together between Boomers, Gen-X ers and Millennials alike.

“I believe the children are our are future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.”  -George Benson

Kevin Robinson Executive Director of Accord1

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