Why is the sky blue? Why does snow melt? Why do people die? Why is that man sleeping on the street? Why can’t I have ice cream? Why do I have to go to bed? -Lois Holzman, Ph.D.

Our Children ask us these endless questions that we more times than not, have no absolute answers to. In this atmosphere how do our children ever move on to the next day? They have the innate ability to take things at face value. This is based on relationship that leads to trust in the one providing the answers. They believe an answer for today is married to the hope in tomorrow.

All this being said, many are asking questions such as why are mass shootings becoming for frequent, why do we see the broken record of young African Americans falling victims to law enforcement officers, why can’t our elected officials get anything done, and the old Rodney King Quote “why can’t we all just get along” etc.1002oregonshooting02

Having these questions, we ourselves are as children searching in the darkness for answers. But unlike our children, we have lost trust in those attempting to provide the solutions to the “whys” in our lives. With our children, the trust throught relationship weighs more heavily than the actual answers  themselves. This not to take away from the point that there aren’t facts; but in our world of the Cognitive Bias (Common tendency to acquire and process information by filtering it through one’s own likes, dislikes, and experiences. (See also confirmation bias.): 

and Logical Fallacies. “Fallacies are fake or deceptive arguments, arguments that prove nothing.”  Om Williamson

Much of what we think is littered with the opinions of others personal biases, prejudices, insecurities and baseless cause and effect scenarios. Ultimate truth resides with our creator. In our humanity not one single person, group or faction has all of the answers.

Social MediaThere is an abysmal effect of our social media dominated world in which our own biases are being echoed, retweeted and shared to ever growing and narrowing audiences that are not encouraging collaboration and reconciliation. To the contrary; they are further dividing people into “us vs them.”

As we face the intrusion of the mass shootings in our neighborhoods; schools, universities, movie theaters, and even our places of worship etc, we grapple over political ideologies and rhetoric. nevertheless, it remains plain to see that no one wants to see another drop of blood spilled by any more of these horrific acts. That is a fact in which we can all agree on. 

When the “Why”  of this question is ask, it becomes time to reach across the Isle and together as a human family forge a solution and plan of action. It is time to learn from the children before “the hope in tomorrow” is lost by the avalanche of the white noise of division.

All of this is no poetic escape to some Utopian Neverland; we still have a long way to go to bring about the synergy that gets things done. The tools of agreement and spirituality are key mechanisms to bring about change. The leadership that is needed may not come from conventional means in our houses of worship and the many other social fabrics that connect  us and at times divide us. Leaders come in many cultures, colors, shades, ethnicities, genders, and ages; these leaders, many of which are yet to be discovered as stated in scripture.

” But God told Samuel, “Looks aren’t everything. Don’t be impressed with his looks and stature. I’ve already eliminated him. God judges persons differently than humans do. Men and women look at the face; God looks into the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7 The Message (MSG)

Accord1 Executive Director Kevin Robinson

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