The autumn comes just in time for many; to the heat weary survivors of the blistering Dog Days of Summer. To sports fans, it provides another hopeful beginning for their favorite team on the grid iron. And to many the autumn simply provides a time for simple reflection.

The warm days and cool nights provide the ultimate setting for the leaves of the season to provide vivid displays of the change that is in our midst. In a country with so many questions about its future direction and yet fewer answers, the autumn season in its self provides many answers as we look deeper in to what it represents.

ob-sr747_mcgurn_g_20120423174846-e13352420753182As Baby Boomers who once set the country a blaze with its socio-cultural mega changes of the 1960s and 1970s begins to fade into history and Gen-exers enter into middle age; a new generation called the Millennials arises into prominence.

Before we all jump to the conclusive judgment of this burgeoning population’s footprint on today’s society. We must remember in this time of change a familiar bible scripture brings a new calming perspective to our present truth.

“As long as the earth continues, planting and harvest, cold and hot, summer and winter, day and night will not stop.” Genesis 8:22 Expanded Bible (EXB)

Change does not take the creator by surprise, neither has He lost control of his creation. In His economy change is a given. And the comfort that we can rest in this season of change is in knowing that through it all, He is unchangeable. He promises to bring yet another day. God’s love is also unchangeable.

Many times each generation becomes; to the lesser extent a reset of the former and to the greater extent an indictment upon the inconsistencies of its predecessors. bettertogether

This Autumn let us all take a break from the bickering of generational; political, ethnic, gender, economic, faith/denominational and class divisions that plague our conversations from Washington to our living rooms.

God has provided the seasonal (Selah) “pause and calmly think about that” – as defined in the Amplified Bible translation. Let’s use it as a time to pause and refocus on “Building the Bridge Together”

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