The Art of Noise Part II: Mind Chatter

“we are slowly acclimated into an age of crisis.”



” Mind chatter is the endless, restless stream of incomplete thoughts, anxieties and self-talk which constantly pulses through our minds. In order to survive, our mind is always “on”—searching for possible threats, dangers, solutions and explanations. This is called our “strategic mind.” The strategic mind is always “on”—scanning both our inner and outer world for possible threats to our well-being—either real or imagined. This constant vigilance of the mind not only distracts us with excessive worry but can also trigger the activation of our fight or flight response. Niel F Neimar, M.D.

What we would desire to do is to interact with one another unbiased and with the love of our creator as a guide for navigating a diverse world. Somewhere in the chatter it all begins to unravel, as one by one our human nature begins to play “the process of elimination” game, and we fall short of what…

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