Connecting The Dots



In a world of interrelated communities, communication and the structures that make up our society, it is imperative to bridge the various fractured ethnocultural  social networks that exist? Agreement is the adhesive agent. However, agreement doesn’t mean that the participants must agree on all matters. As a nation we agree that  All Men are created equal. As Christ followers we agree that the human family is made in Imago dei (Image of God) and “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”. Evidence of our agreement can be no clearer than the existence of these realities.

We begin to work in the power of agreement when we can acknowledge the existence of opposing opinions and Ideologies apart from the individuals that ascribe to them; therefore allowing all to develop a foundation to build upon.


Agreement is process that makes synergy possible. Ethnic groups are seemingly forever acting out the components of acculturation vs assimilation

Acculturation implies a…

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