The Art of Noise Part II: Mind Chatter


” Mind chatter is the endless, restless stream of incomplete thoughts, anxieties and self-talk which constantly pulses through our minds. In order to survive, our mind is always “on”—searching for possible threats, dangers, solutions and explanations. This is called our “strategic mind.” The strategic mind is always “on”—scanning both our inner and outer world for possible threats to our well-being—either real or imagined. This constant vigilance of the mind not only distracts us with excessive worry but can also trigger the activation of our fight or flight response. Niel F Neimar, M.D.

What we would desire to do is to interact with one another unbiased and with the love of our creator as a guide for navigating a diverse world. Somewhere in the chatter it all begins to unravel, as one by one our human nature begins to play “the process of elimination” game, and we fall short of what we know to be right.

panic-attack-10-300x225If we combine this Mind chatter with  “The Art of Noise ,” we find ourselves faced with a sinister global communication network. Where harmony is concerned, it would seem as though we are fighting a no win situation.  Referring once again to the Nathan Janes’ quote from last weeks post we are slowly acclimated into an age of crisis.” 

The powers that be (who ever they are) thrive on the antithesis of fear to supersede our logic and what we know is right in the treatment of those outside of our socio- ethnic/economic and cultural circles i.e. the Others. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a one sided affair. All sides of the great divide are effected by this insurrection of the conscience.

Somewhere above the chatter, billions of dollars are wagered on the Art of Noise and its ability to amplify the ever present mind chatter to a fevered pitch. The real losers in this game are you and me, by not fulfilling our birth right of “Building the Bridge Together”  and the ministry of reconciliation, between all that have been alienated by the dividing walls of misunderstanding, fear and discord.  Dr. Caroline Leaf clarifies fear’s  grip on our cognitive processing in the following passage of “Controlling Toxic Thoughts and Emotions” ~with Dr. Caroline Leaf

“God has built an incredible mechanism into our brain that gives us the free will to accept or reject information. Wesilhouette-of-man-and-woman-yelling-at-each-other  have the option to reject negative information from our thoughts before it gets the support of damaging attitudes and emotions.

There are two groups of emotions that are polar opposites: positive, faith-based emotions and negative, fear-based emotions. Each has its own set of molecules and performs as spiritual forces with chemical and electrical representation in the body. Faith-based emotions are love, joy, peace, happiness, kindness, gentleness, self-control, forgiveness and patience. These produce good attitudes and thoughts.

Fear-based emotions include hate, anxiety, anger, hostility, resentment, frustration, impatience and irritation. These produce toxic attitudes and create a chemical reaction in the body that can alter behavior

Fear is the root of stress. Scripture says, “God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and love and of a sound mind” (2 Tim. 1:7). featured on the  Catching The Silver Lining blog  Sunday, January 11, 2009

It is apparent that the fight or flight mechanisms cloud our mental processes of perception; memory, judgment, and reasoning. It is important that we exercise our freewill to overcome the predictable automatic responses that are magnified by the Art of Noise. These are the responses that corporate conglomerates are banking billions on. The more that we use our freewill over these automatic responses brings us that much closer to “Building the Bridge Together“.

Kevin Robinson Executive Director of Accord1

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