Honesty is such a lonely word everyone is so untrue, Honesty  is hardly ever heard, And mostly what I need from you.” Billy Joel

This is a indictment against our society. In this day in which communication is so advanced and readily available, the potency of our spoken and written words along with the variety of the ways that we communicate have lost their value. In large part , what people say is no longer exemplified as the standard for truth.

imagesCAPJGOFRFrom 2008, the sweet tones of Yes We Can,” the message of Hope and Change, the new reality, and Post Racial America becomes historical relics with very little relevance to today’s deafening discourse of discord and gridlock. From political, class and ethnic division etc, where is the honesty? After the 2010 midterm elections and the congressional power shift that promised to get things done fades away in to the wind, not as a roar but more like as a whisper. From the rolling back of Voting Rights to the broken dreams and yet unfulfilled promises of Immigration reform by both sides of the political aisle; we are left with nothing more than to ask “where is the Honesty?”

From the very public sphere of Washington to our private business dealings and relationships, it would seem as though a promise is no longer a promise. Between cheating on our diet or taxes, to cheating on a spouse; we, in our society have become an accusatory circular firing squad of demagoguery. Honesty remains as an elusive and yet rare commodity. Sadly enough, people of faith would seem to be no different in the aforementioned climate.

If we struggle to keep appointments; dinner engagements, religious services, family gatherings etc, with those closest to us, how can we ever conceive Building the Bridge Together with those who are different. Honestly must come to the forefront, and that begins with being honest with ourselves.

The challenge is ours to stop being people pleasers by making promises that we ether are unable to, or have no intention of keeping.

“Don’t put on a show just because they are looking (as if you were a people pleaser); but as a slave of the Anointed, do the will of God from your heart.” Ephesians 6:6 The Voice (VOICE)

 This is not to give an excuse for not reaching out. However, this is a call to genuinely start investing the kind of love for one another that will place a demand on us to value others as well i.e. ”

Opportunities to love-inspirational-daily

In a recent post, a series of acronyms for the concept of LOVE were offered as possible foundations upon which to build more connecting fibers in our relationships. This particular one stood out. First of all, the intangible concept of love can be seen as opportunity, and second as leverage or clout which is only made complete through attributing value to each member of our human (imago dei) family. This can include those that share our various ethnic or cultural background as well as those who don’t, by appreciating, valuing and investing in others.

Exploring these concepts takes the focus off of self and enables the possibilities for the trust and reciprocity of Social Capital to grow.

Kevin Robinson Executive Director Accord1

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