Everyday People


Each person has a unique story. These stories are constantly being rewritten, reconstructed and discarded throughout our lives. Storytelling has helped cultures communicate from one generation to the next through the ages. Social Capital’s bridging model for the development of multi-ethnic community is enhanced by the art of storytelling. In today’s media driven society, there seems to be a dearth of storytelling. In order to connect across cultural/multi-ethnic relationships, we must develop the means to effectively communicate with one another.

In our story which is made up from life’s experiences, culture influences feelings of how we perceive, sense and interpret the experiences. We all undergo these feelings again as we share our story with someone else. Our personal story is about us, not about how we interpret another person’s story (e.g., rumors or gossip).

Sharing our personal stories is not complicated and it encourages a level playing field of trust.

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