(IF) Not now then When?


These are times to try men’s souls” Thomas Paine.

Last Friday was one of the hottest days of the year, and yet pales in comparison to the flash point tension surrounding the latest setback in race relations. That day the President  of the United States weighed in with remarks on the tragedy of 17 yr old Trayvon Martin’s death at the hands of the now acquitted George Zimmerman. The President now is being lauded by some and ridiculed by others for sharing his heart on the matter.

Racisms1From the national news media to the talk within communities and families; we now hear questions across the nation asking If not now, then when” are we going to begin having honest and productive conversations on Race?

No matter your political persuasion, the things that he spoke of and the perspectives he shared have been visited numerous times throughout the history of the Accord1 Blog. We stand with the sentiments of the President in our mission of “Building the Bridge Together“. By changing the attributed lenses of self centered racial/cultural worldviews, and beginning to employ an empathic (empathy) way of relating to and communicating with one another, we can make a difference.

We recognize that the hour is late for starting over again by returning back to the days of old. Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of the Accord1 blog and there has never been a more clearer message to our country that an Accord1 is not only relevant but needed.

Government Policies and the public square can only accomplish so much. An old saying says ” you can’t legislate morality”. The Synergistic Pattern  set in motion by Social Capital small groups of the Accord1 House to House network and other similar groups are essential to the healing and empowerment that a wounded nation needs to heal.

Building synergy is not based on one single focus, but it is comprehensive. Through platforms of education/community awareness, relationship building community, and conflict resolution intervention by ordinary people who establish mutual trust, “Building the Bridge Together” can be realized.

Below are ideas to help us build across the ethnic/cultural divide:

1. Knowing: Gaining a proper view of self and a balanced prospective by not
imageover exaggerating or underscoring our personal significance. In this way, our soul (intellect, will and emotions) will not be out of balance and our will, where our decisions are made, can make ones that move toward unity.

2. Being: Seeking the goals of the Trust and Reciprocity of Social Capitol, we identify our own human nature which naturally wants to divide.

3. Helping: We become the peace makers able to bridge divides by common ground solutions over; perceptions, communication, symbols, language and the diverse cultural dimensions we are confronted with constantly.

4. Seeing: By employing systems that help us to see others as equals, we enable love to develop the kind of unity that results in the greater result of the healing and empowerment of Synergy over division’s factions. This allows for God’s blessings to freely flow into our lives.

How amazing to see the Accord1 vision instantly turn into a commodity of purpose for such a time as this. However, liberty for all, regardless of ethnicity, will remain elusive unless we dare to break the cycle. This is an historic cycle of rolling back in subjugation to the all too familiar prejudices of the past.

This will continue to happen unless people begin to commit to reconciliation. We have an opportunity to change the course of this never ending saga of action and reaction that leaves the venom of racism free to flow though the anatomy of America. Accord1 is one of many viable options for bringing the c-change to racial/ethnic relations.

Kevin Robinson Executive Director of Accord1

Contact Accord1 to find out how to get involved (accord1.org & Kevin.Robinson@accord1.org)


2 Responses to “(IF) Not now then When?”
  1. T says:

    Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary and thank you for what you are doing. You are making a huge difference in the world! God bless!

    • accord1 says:

      Thank you Terri for your kind words of encouragement and that is not said lightly. Though you are many miles away we believe that you are joined with us in “Building the Bridge Together”.

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