Imago Dei II: Freedom, Virtue and Relationship

We all remain in lack when we only see our world through a dominated cultural lens. For too many years the identity thief has hobbled the potential of this rich diversity to develop a genuine and lasting synergistic pattern. This pattern is one that all can have human identity that involves what is below our three layers of skin.


“But we are not mere animals. Made in the image of God, our capacities for reason and virtue are also obligations to put themto use. We must be honest people who keep our word, engage with one another and meet the needs of those around us. That’s the only kind of economic stimulus package we need, because there is no prosperity without freedom, no freedom without virtue, and no virtue without relationship.”  This quote from Wesley Gant’s “Values and Social Capitalism

points to three inter-related concepts: freedom, virtue and relationship. The last concept, relationship, is the linchpin of society and the axis around which the spirituality of Christ’s followers revolves. Christ reconciled our broken relationship with God and one another by his unselfish virtuous act of sacrifice on the cross. “But if we [really] are living and walking in…

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