Anthology 2013: A Spanish Lullaby

 spanish lullaby
 “Don’t take advantage of any stranger who lives in your land. You must treat the outsider as one of your native-born people—as a full citizen—and you are to love him in the same way you love yourself; for remember, you were once strangers living in Egypt. I am the Eternal One, your God.”
Leviticus 19:33-34 The Voice (VOICE)

 The inspiration of this post is In honor of Latino Books Month such as the book  (“Strangers Among Us” by Roberto Suro). This book takes in the breath and life of the American dream and exhales its mist into the story that describes a future reality for America through different lenses.

This story is one that is not unlike the one that has always been told through the welcome arms of Ellis  Island. However the cast  of  characters are different and in many cases, of a another skin tone. They are neither Black nor White and the places of origin are not from the familiar European roots. These people where different. Polish; Italian, Russian, etc, are now replaced by the terms such as Legal, Illegal, good or bad

Moving into the issues that confront a society viewing into a looking-glass; we see a the tell all reflection of who we really are. The question of the  day is revolved around our dealings with the stranger or better said  our “guest”. Outside indigenous people, we all are “guest”  in one form or another, from African Slaves, Europeans as well as the Asians and Islanders etc. Our genetic pool is a deep and varied one as result of the many waves of immigrations, migrations and some other less than honorable reasons. However, in many cases the stranger is our next door neighbor.

9780451229465_p0_v1_s260x420The largest group of our newest of  Americans have many stories to tell.  As we observe this month, we all should to take some time to read, listen and maybe see shreds of our own story in the wealth of stories by Latino writers through the books they have written. Regardless of political affiliation or faith that we profess, Latino culture is one inwhich we should all better educate ourselves. It is important to note, that to broad stroke this population as a homogenous and predictable group would be an injustice. Across the board, Latinos are as different within their particular culture as is the general  American culture altogether. Those include economic, educational, social, work, ethics,  as well as differences in levels of commitment to their faith etc.

The immigration Issue is the one that gets the most attention because it seems to be very pointed and ethnically directed. Whether directly effected or not; many of those within this most effected ethnic group see the racial implications of policies along with the surrounding rhetoric that seem to be inconsistent with the Ellis Island experience of those earlier immigrants. It would also be naive to think that the immigration issue is the only concern across the span of this ethnic demographic. 

For the next month we will be celebrating and educating ourselves about Latinos in American using various written tools provided by Latino authors whose literary works provide more foundation  for  “Building the Bridge Together” .   Below are more recommended books  for this week.

Latino in America (Celebra Books) by Soledad O’Brien
Latinos in the Midwest by Rubén O. Martinez
Latinos in the New Millennium: An Almanac of Opinion, Behavior and Policy Preferences

Kevin Robinson Executive Director Accord1

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