Chemistry to Synergy: Humans


“Here’s my answer: Who are you, a mere human, to argue with God? If God takes the time to shape us from the dust, is it right to point a finger at Him and ask, “Why have You made me this way?”  Romans 9:20 The Voice (VOICE)

The pressures associated with racial identification confuses the perfume makers admixture in such a way that results in the carnal behaviors of factions, cliques and divisions. Often times, actions of privilege or oppression of life’s opportunities are subject to human phenotypes and colorism. Unfortunately, America has stood out among other practicing nations in this regard and historically perfected its practice. The American experiment has been manipulated repeatedly in its history, resulting in human misinterpretation of the plans of God.


The Skin has always been the most captivating of organs of the human body. Its qualities have historically expressed many things from; sensuality, toughness, beauty, good, evil,  even to the erroneous determination of  ones intelligence. Phenotypes (features associated with ancestral geographic regions), such facial and other physical features, or the visible admixture, genetically represents only a small part of who we are. However, these become liberating or paralyzing according to the effects of racism, prejudice and colorism in society.

“As with racism or prejudice, the concept of colorism has a pejorative connotation. Also like racism, colorism can be thought of as either unidirectional (only those with power and status can exhibit it) or multidirectional (people of any one skin shade can denigrate or subordinate people of another). In our usage, colorism can be manifested within or across racial and ethnic groups and can be multidirectional (although it usually is not).”Jennifer L. Hochschild 
H.L. Jayne Professor of Government, Professor of African and African American Studies, and Harvard College Professor Government Department; CGIS: 1737 Cambridge St.; Cambridge, MA 02138

On the 2010 census questioner, we were given many different possibilities, but questions of racial identity do not define us. “Nicholas Jones, chief of the Census Bureau racial statistics branch. Multiracial Americans are “one of the fastest-growing demographic groups in the country. There’s an increasing number of children born to parents of different races.”  With all of the latest DNA/genetic data available we find that that multiracial is not such a recent  occurrence at all. Whether a person is biracial with 50% admixture or say 30% European, 10% Asian, and 60%  African, we are all admixtures of our creator the perfume maker.

Healing and empowerment of synergy comes in the completeness of the mixture i.e. all together and not divided. Scripture (Exodus 30:22-33) reveals to us that the mixture of the 4 principle spices in the oil of anointing culminate into unity in Christ. A profoundly written commentary entitled


“THE FRAGRANCE OF PENTECOST MANIFEST BY THE ART OF THE APOTHECARY” by Pastor Joseph Chambers stated: Principal Spices: These spices were the best or supreme. Each of them had a specific aroma and was powerful to preserve and give fragrance to the mixture. All four spices were not easily obtained, were expensive and, when acquired, were held as a treasury of great worth. When these spices were purchased, they would not be placed in a common container, but were kept in a vessel of value to preserve their highest quality. What a picture of redemptive grace revealed in the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Each of these four spices has their own unique qualities and value.

The Art  of the Apothecary is not the question within a society that displays paradoxes of what we believe vs how we treat one another and what our nations founding documents professes vs  reality, but he is the answer. We must adjust our theology accordingly by focusing our attention on the real antagonist, our human nature. The spiritual potential that exist within all of us is the bridge to overcome our perceived differences; in essence of building a bridge to synergy. May we no longer discount and divide;  moreover, let us invest in the potential of value in us all.

Kevin Robinson Executive Director of Accord1


3 Responses to “Chemistry to Synergy: Humans”
  1. T says:

    Amen! Each of us are of great value and we are each a unique part of the whole beautiful masterpiece God has created. Its time to get it together overcome those differences and be what he intended for us to be.

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