Chemistry to Synergy part 3


Prepare a holy anointing oil, blending them like a skilled perfume maker ( The Art of the Apothecary KJV) to produce the holy anointing oil.”
Exodus 30:25 Common English Bible (CEB)

The Perfume Maker’s admixture is inclusive of the many ethnicities of which we Americans identify; be it native American, Anglo, African American, Asian, Latino, Rich, Poor or in-between, also Male and Female. Like the fine chemical mixtures and olive, clove, cinnamon, oils and spices from the perfume maker “God Has Made of One Blood All Peoples of the Earth”. Enamored by our diversity; empowered by our unity, increased by our synergy, we are  “Building the Bridge Together”


Why must we keep beating the drum beats of race and racial identity; arguably the most sensitive of issues in America today? When we speak of diversity, many corners in society are concluding that there is a conciliatory need to bring spirituality to front and center. This secret has been hidden deep within the annals and folklore of the Christian tradition. The spiritual foundation of this tradition is made credible by the ministry  of reconciliation. The problem remains as to how does the spirituality of the Christian tradition translate to other parts of society as an empowering truth.

Understanding our common heritage, shows that we share many of the same emotions, joys, fears, doubts and humanity. However, this must not take us into the comfortable place of clinging to those that physically or culturally resemble us and dispatching all others. Spirituality takes the eye off of the natural i.e. physical or superficial characteristics and transcends to something greater outside of ourselves.

But what I mean here is not religion, but spirituality in the broadest sense of the term. i.e. the development of higher moral values and the awareness of transcendental reality. I am making a connection between the goals of diversity work, i.e. cross-cultural competency, freedom of prejudice, increasing understanding of culture, and the goals of spiritual work, which include psychosocial harmony, moral development, and enlightenment.
by Angelo John Lewis,


Ultimately, followers of Christ of all sides of the ethnic/cultural  divide, must allow their spirituality to become recognizable in the form of bringing glory to the Perfume Maker (The Art of the Apothecary) by using the connecting fiber of love to bring about reconciliation.

Let me give you a new command: Love one another. In the same way I loved you, you love one another. This is how everyone will recognize that you are my disciples—when they see the love you have for each other.” John 13:34-35 The Message (MSG)

A great way to start the conversation is to have a leadership level Biblical Diversity Training made available to those in the current leadership. This can be advantageous for those in a homogeneous as well as a developing heterogeneous church. This first step into exploring others ways of seeing our world and understanding that the Kingdom of God is not a one size fits all; that is not theologically speaking only, but experientially and expressively. This aids all sides of the multi ethnic landscape to develop of a keen awareness of the fact that there are many differences in perception because they are viewed through different cultural lenses.

Along with training, another proactive step would be to begin to reach out to other churches that represent a different ethnic majority than the example church or to reach out to other congregations of greater multi-ethnic presence. Also, becoming involved with periodic Small Group gatherings with others from different churches would be a great way to establish sensitivity through the connectivity of a face to face community of sharing and developing empathy, trust and unity.

This system of multiethnic awareness development is not exclusive to a church. These multi ethnic Cross-Culturalization steps can be taken to develop biblical harmony in Para church organizations, Men’s and Women’s groups, Schools and staff, Scouting groups, Neighborhood groups Philanthropic groups and any number of social settings and organizations etc.

This kind of activity would lead  to a transformative witness to a diverse society at the community, corporate and civic relationship levels etc. The rhetorical discourse of talking reconciliation only, is left to a powerless ending point. Christ love offers reconciliation in a way that requires actions that end in change from the rambling noise of division into the poetic melody of harmony and unity today, resulting in synergy for tomorrow.

Kevin Robinson Executive Director of Accord1

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