In the midst of this so-called post-racial era, including the current multiethnic church trend, all of humanity seems to be at peace with the imagery displayed in diversity photos, courses, workshops and those moving multicultural church services.  However, when we dig a little deeper into the actual relationships outside of these orchestrated settings, we find that the Devil is in the details, the difficult, deceptive and problematic side of something.  

Within every human being is a side they choose not to disclose, including our good or bad experiences.  Most of these experiences, including ideals, are communicated by thoughts, feelings and imagination.  The communication medium is usually culture, be it the ethnic culture or one of the many subcultures with which people identify.

This is why many people shy away from any talk of race or ethnicity.  A sacrifice is called for in order to bridge the detailed layers of people’s differences in perspective…

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