Although every church may not become heterogeneous (multi-ethnic), all churches must break down walls and begin to partner across ethnic boundaries. The language of reconciliation spoken with peace will begin the dialogue that leads to relationships. In an atmosphere of uninhibited communication, trust and trustworthiness are consequential. These encounters are enhanced by sharing personal experiences and worldviews as seen through our own uniquely diverse ethnic/cultural lens

On The Grind

After the presentation, I tapped the speaker on the shoulder as he sat down in his seat.  The presentation was on cultural trends.  During his talk he mentioned how he was hindered by his “whiteness.”  He grew up in a middle class, lily-white suburb and knew very little of the world outside that lens.  I offered to spend some time with him during a break.

“Are you aware that all the faces on your slides are white?” was a simple question I asked as we sipped coffee together in the break area.  How ironic on a presentation on cultural tends, where the biggest trend of all is our changing demographics!   The reality was both his slides and presentation demonstrated a white person’s view of the world exclusively.  He was quiet for a moment.

We went on to discuss his comments during the presentation about hip hop.  The musical genre had…

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