On this 236th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence we must begin living this dream called America; not just for some but for everyone. Happy Independence Day from Accord1


There was a discovery channel documentary on the other day, showing the mission of the assault on Osama Ben Laden’s Compound. This involved months of preparation and was a very detailed as well as being a highly technological assignment that the navy seals carried out. This viewing brought about a great sense of awe. The awe resulted in some reflection upon the greatness of this country that we call home.

Imagine on September 11, 2001, people were simply going about their everyday lives to bring a bit of the American dream home to their love ones. The result was injustice of breath-taking proportions done to innocent people and their mourning families; which can never be recompensed.  To think those 10 years later those responsible for that horrific day were not able to slip away into the night, but were brought to justice. The accomplishment achieved adds a certain level of righteous…

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