The Ministry of reconciliation was promised to all that would follow Christ. This reconciliation is only the promise but all people can move in its direction if we understand that it is not one act, episode or movement. But it is a commitment to building relationships on the personal level multi ethnically and not allowing the past differences take precedence over unity.

On The Grind

Acts 6:1-7   is a great snapshot of how to gain clarity within a multiethnic situation from a leadership perspective.  Within this community of believers, we see a divisive issue on the table. The converts, who were of Greek ethnicity (Grecian Jews), were feeling a bit of injustice. From their ethnic perspective it looked as if their widows in poverty were not having their needs met. They brought this matter to the church leadership, which at the time happened to be made up of all Hebrew Jewish converts. Both groups communicated what they observed and needed, and the community came together in unity.  What keys can we learn from this passage?

Key #1:  Truth telling.  In many cases, the fear of being uncomfortable is what most hinders reconciliation efforts. It’s a huge step forward to speak uncomfortable truth, navigating honest discussions about how you see things ethnically.  To achieve reconciliation…

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