Love and Basketball, Part II

It is amazing how the seemingly little world of peace and tranquility can suddenly be thrown into such upheaval. With one small anomaly of deviation a shift begins to manifest. Cultural change and megatrends have our highly categorized world ready to invert on its axis. One might say, “This commotion will surely usher in the return of Christ or implode into the Mayan calendar’s version of the end of times.”

Suddenly, we must stop and shake ourselves and say, “It’s only a basketball player we’re talking about here!”  The brief history of the storied Jeremy Lin is just now developing into the good news story that one would expect.  Lin is a good Christian guy who is overcoming the odds of being more than just a minor league career player, yet he is breaking new ethnic barriers and destroying stereotypes concerning Asian Americans.

After one ESPN writer was fired, a TV anchor from the same network was suspended, and an MSG Network writer was reprimanded, all for using racially insensitive language. Amazingly enough, their behavior occurred in this time of so-called post-racial America. We still don’t know how to stop this clumsy sojourn through the meander of ethnic diversity in this country. Numerous people try to suppress any talk of ethnic diversity, racial bias and racism. Consequently, we are simply treating the symptoms (i.e., the acts of offense) over and over again. This is by definition insanity: doing the same thing again and again while expecting a different result.

The matters of the heart are where God lives. There is an old saying, “You cannot legislate morality.”When we look to this place where God lives, we must look at us, followers of Christ, and ask ourselves how we deal with ethnic diversity and its value to us.  Do we deal with it at all?

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”Matthew 6:21 King James Version (KJV)

In all the talk about social issues in this election season there remains a lack of talk concerning “love” for one another (multi ethnically).Followers of Christ treat the symptoms by talking in the same highly polarizing extremes as society in general. This attitude does not promote the true reconciliation and love inspired oneness, which is in Christ. Galations 3:28

The real challenge is to move deeper than the experience of sitting next to someone of a different hue on the pew in a multiethnic setting. We, as followers of Christ, must lead society toward correcting this reckless clumsiness with deeper intentional multiethnic relationships by “Building the Bridge Together” from all sides of the ethnic/cultural divide. Because,  If you know me, you will know how to speak correctly to me and concerning me.”– Kevin Robinson

With this in mind we can better prepare for the next Jeremy Lin.

Kevin Robinson, Executive Director

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