Social Justice or Hyperbole?

Multi ethnic/cultural reconciliation at the cellular level

In a very dark world we find ourselves in a society that boast of being post racial. The truth lies in the fact that unhealed wounds of being the victim of racism, classism or sexism etc. are still very much in effect for many. The presence of this kind of darkness brings the post racial sentiment into question. These are the corrosive mechanisms to our souls; in the class room, on the job, in the corporate world or even on the pew.
The place to become exposed, unashamed and share the reality of our humanity in light of all of this is in the comforting sanctum of biblical Koinonia. This encompasses a group of people who care, and are not afraid of the backlash of the present religious system. Of one, many times that turns a blind eye to the whole subject of multi ethnic or racial reconciliation.
Hurt is real but more importantly let’s remember that God is real. However, people can really take us there some of the time and this is just the type of voice that is oppressed in a system that says “don’t hate the player hate the game”. But when all of the fodder is exhausted we still find ourselves at lost for words because the decision and king makers in our lives have such broader voices than our own.

Also more times than not, this select group still views things through the lens of the Homogeneous unit principle. This takes place on all sides of the ethnic/cultural divide. The game is not a fair one. Henceforth, we have developed a coddling system, through its many definitions and varieties called Social Justice
The word of God says “Then the Master said, “Do you hear what that judge, corrupt as he is, is saying? So what makes you think God won’t step in and work justice for his chosen people, who continue to cry out for help? Won’t he stick up for them? I assure you, he will. He will not drag his feet. But how much of that kind of persistent faith will the Son of Man find on the earth when he returns?” Luke 18:6-8 (MSG)
God in Christ, is the totality of Social Justice as His word promises. Social Justice as a concept is in the will of God. It can even become a tool to bring about reconciliation if we are sincere on all sides of the cultural chasm.

But no matter what side that one falls on, concerning the various issues of social justice it becomes hyperbole if persistent faith is not the center piece of its message and works. The bible says faith is expressed in love. Building our reinforced garrisons of polarization filled by this same hyperbole only aids those forces opposed to reconciliation. This includes reconciliation of any kind, needless to say ethnic/racial reconciliation. The love of God is the issue that we are going to either embrace or reject.

The global community of believers is described in the bible as the Body of Christ. And just like a natural body there are many systems that make it work. They are, at first hard to understand but if we look at many of these systems at the cellular level they become comprehensible.

In the body of Christ the cell/small group is the point where the spiritual exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide take place. That exchange takes place through the face to face encounters of sharing and relationship. This is done by introducing the diversity of red blood cells, white blood cells, glucose, hemoglobin etc. working together at the molecular level to bring nourishment to the body.

Real social justice involves allowing the love of God through diverse relationships at the personal face to face level to bring nourishment to the Body of Christ. Therefore it can produce a unified and healthy body that can bring light, reconciliation and real social justice to our society at large.

 Will we be able to produce a utopian heaven on earth; that answer would be probably not? However, we can develop the atmosphere of persistent faith that is expressed in love (faith in the love of God).  

 “I would suspect you would never intend this, but this is what happens. When you attempt to live by your own religious plans and projects, you are cut off from Christ, you fall out of grace. Meanwhile we expectantly wait for a satisfying relationship with the Spirit. For in Christ, neither our most conscientious religion nor disregard of religion amounts to anything. What matters is something far more interior: faith expressed in love”. Galatians 5:6 The Message (MSG)

Kevin K. Robinson Executive Director of Accord1

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