Biblical Ethnic Diversity Inclusion Part Three

Accord1 is an organization that was formed to become a vehicle to build a bridge over the cultural divide i.e. “Building the Bridge Together”. This  bridge building mechanism is built upon the Power/Authority of Christ.

The power dynamic is what we hear of talked about in the discussion of multi ethnic interaction. In organizations, power must be established in some form in order for the organization to run properly. The multi ethnic/cultural model is where the power can be an avenue for unity or division whether intentionally or unintentionally. This is where the sensitivity must enter in to the conversation anytime there is a multiplicity of people groups in the mix. The argument of “oh I didn’t know” is not a viable excuse for neglecting an ethnic equality in the power structure of that organization.

This is not Affirmative Action warmed over and served under the guise of a new delicacy; this is a concept that is practical and most importantly biblical. In the church, which is an organization whether Board driven or Pastoral driven, there must be harmony i.e. a oneness among the ethnically diverse; that is, if the church organization is seeking to truly represent the Kingdom. This is not to say that churches that are homogeneous are not kingdom minded at all; however going forward in the diverse world that God has raised up all around us, the Jebez mentality of widening our boarders must come into effect.

It all starts at the top with leadership and if a church is seeking to truly become Kingdom minded there must be some sort of way that the voices of multiple ethnic groups are represented in the conversation of carrying out the vision, mission and contributing to atmosphere of the worship service etc. Tradition need not be thrown out the door but if we open the door we may find out that there are many unexplored expressions of those same traditions.

A great way to start the conversation is to have a leadership level Biblical Diversity Training made available to those in the current leadership. This can be advantageous for those in a homogeneous as well as a developing heterogeneous church.

This first step into exploring others ways of seeing our world and understanding that the Kingdom of God is not a one size fits all; that is not theologically speaking but experientially and expressively. This aids all sides of the multi ethnic landscape to develop of a keen awareness of the fact that there are many differences in perception because they are viewed through different cultural lenses.  

Along with training another proactive step would be to begin to reach out to other churches that represent a different ethnic majority than the example church or other more multi ethnic congregations. Also becoming involved with some Small Group level gatherings with others from different churches on periodic basis would be a great way to begin to establish some sort of sensitivity through the connectivity of a face to face community of sharing and developing a growing empathy, trust and unity.

An Important note is that this system of multiethnic awareness development is not exclusive to a church. These multi ethnic Cross-Culturalization steps can be taken to develop biblical harmony in Para church organizations, Men’s and Women’s groups, Schools and staff, Scouting groups, Neighborhood groups Philanthropic groups and any number of social settings and organizations etc.        

These eye-opening experiences will begin to open doors within the example church or organization to changing the power dynamic by developing an ethnically expanded leadership group within the organization. This will, if we are intentional, ultimately lead to a new and truly multi ethnic congregation, ministry, organization or group. This won’t happen over night but it will happen if we are diligent and we do not faint. As we remember what the Word of God says.

And let us not be weary in well-doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. Galatians 6:9 King James Bible

Kevin K. Robinson Executive Director of Accord1

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