Racism is one of the largest stumbling blocks that we humans still severely struggle with because of so many of deceptions of our own flawed human nature, demonic strongholds along with clandestine cultural dynamics of institutional magnitude. Oppression is working and weaving through humanity and uses our outward differences to set up a whole paradigm causing the oppressed to be forced to find safety in parties “Party division (where devotion to party rises above devotion to principle)”. This is in many cases the only safe haven that minorities believe they have in the face of a system that is biased against them. However, the oppression mentality can lose sight of principal when decisions to fight injustice become emotionally unbalanced and turn into Dissensions and, Seditions. In this atmosphere of survival mentality many times the weapon of choice is “The Race Card”. This is a mentality that has brought a negative connotation on what was a very worthy Civil Rights Movement in this country. It makes no difference whether you speak of the Hispanic population, Asian, etc. ethical solutions are lost in the nebulas and divisive battle grounds of human nature.

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  1. […] untrue; acting like it doesn’t exist is akin to giving it free reign to unravel society. The Race Card nerve is struck with many ethnic minorities.  Be it right or wrong; this Race Card becomes the […]

  2. […] and one that can not be taken lightly. While many times the focus is on the provocation of racism, the ancillary effects of Privilege and the Race Card. A deceptive sentiment creeps into the fabric […]

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