Look Again

Look again is a term to denote a viewing and reviewing of the facts or the perceived reality in a different and renewed way. It inspires us to believe and not just settle for the expectation of the past or of societal ebbs and flows. There is a reality realm that God is only privy to that entails a possibility and promise. In the same way as one wakes up in the morning to greet yet another day and that first pierce of light spreads through the lashes of sleepy awakening eyes. The world must seem blurred disorganized and confusing. However something happens when one blinks to reset and focus on the day’s journey; the way begins to clear and possibilities begin to emerge. With one simple action we can give ourselves with all of our humanity an opportunity to allow divinity to shine into our world as we look again.

God is always talking if we become more quiet then we can hear Him more clearly

and therefore we can stop having to back step to realign with the purpose of God concerning us. Look again means “don’t abort the plan it just means to be open to a new way of looking at the whole situation. The mental picture is just that and is according to the mentality of ones  perception that either expands or closes possibilities.

And Elisha prayed, “O Lord, open his eyes so he may see.”   Then the Lord

opened the servants eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and

chariots of fire all around Elisha.–II Kings 6:17

Was the servants eyes closed? No, he just had to look again in faith in organization of thought and fortitude focused on the plan of God and not on perceived expectations of the status quo i.e. the norm.

Look again; the finances and resources that seemed limited are yet still available even in an economic downturn. Look again and you will see what was hidden to the natural eye. The process of looking again starts with the motivation that one is not going to accept defeat or limitations when we serve a limitless God. For His word says.

“My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory in

Christ Jesus.” Or as some Bible versions put it, . . . according to His glorious

riches in Christ Jesus.” Phil 4:19

Supply Comes Before Need

 An important principle to remember is that God’s supply is like His preventative grace, it comes before your need does. In other words, His supply is there long before you have a need; indeed, your need is an indication that His supply is already there. It’s like the Promised Land. God readied it long before He brought His people out of Egypt. He did not bring them out and then look for some place to put them. As Moses said to the Israelites, “God . . . brought us out from there, that He might bring us in.” He brought them out to take them in.  Same with your need and His supply. 

Look again because the very phrase “according to” -in relation to, or one can say leveraged against. In other words your need is leveraged against His resources and all of the substance of value that is based in who He is.

The revelation of your need (spiritual, physical mental) brings glory to Him by once again declaring that He is sufficient the el shaddai (all sufficient)

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